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Load Testing made easy with BlazeMeter & JMeter

Continuing for a moment with load testing lets have a look at Blaze Meter…

What the tools are

  • BlazeMeter: A Chrome App that allows you to record journeys through a system and export a load test plan to JMX Format. You will need to sign up for an account.
  • JMeter: A load testing tool that can run files in JMX format.

How to create a load test plan

If installed correctly you should see the following logo in Chrome BlazeMeter

When clicked the BlazeMeter panel is displayed, allowing you to input a test plan name and change a few other basic parameters such as the type of system doing the load test and the origin of the traffic.


All you need to do is hit record and perform the actions you wish to load test.

When you have completed this you can export the captured JSON into a JMX file and download it by clicking the .JMX button on the panel.

Open and edit with JMeter

Open your newly downloaded test plan in JMeter, change the threads/ ramp up and loop count to whatever is desired.

Next add the appropriate listeners to your plan and hit Run. Job done.