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November 2016

SeConf 2016 Wrap Up

Selenium Conf 2016 closed up last week – this a very short post with my thoughts on it and my main take-aways. It is the first time I have attended the event and all in all I found it very interesting and extremely worth while.

Plus points

Meeting the Core Committers of the Selenium project

Not all of them, but I found myself bumping into the likes of Simon Stewart and Jim Evans and saying hello whilst wandering around the break room area. It is nice to meet people I have learned a lot from via the internet/ blogs/ stack overflow. There was also a large Q&A session toward the end featuring most of them. Not to mention other people that I have conversed with online in some way.

People experiencing the same pain

Lots of talks on scalability, parallel, test flake, cross browser testing and metrics. These reaffirmed that myself and my team are on the right tack (at the very least) and implanted some helpful ideas for the future.

Ideas and Innovation

There are some sweet toolsets and frameworks out there which I was not previously aware of, so my to do list got a bit longer as I earmarked several things to look into. More on these later if they materialise.

I did however feel like pretty much the only .Net guy there though, everyone else seemed to be using Java or Ruby. I also didn’t attend any of the workshops at Selenium Conf but maybe some other time.

In summary, if you get the opportunity to attend Selenium Conf in future then do so.