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February 2015

Welcome to Automated

What’s all this then?

Automated Tester is a site for community and professionals to talk about and help each other in all things automated in the testing world. I will try to post snippets of what I know but the main intention is to drive use of the forums, comments and such like.

Who are you?

My name is Justin Holsgrove, I am a test automation engineer/ dev in test using C# .Net to develop testing solutions with Selenium Webdriver. Primarily in a BDD sense.

What’s with the .science suffix?

Well the reason is two-fold, firstly you could maybe  argue that testing is a science in itself, certainly in computing terms. Secondly, a domain name provider was giving the .science TLD away for free.

Please feel free to contribute to this site in any way you see fit that will benefit others in what they do. That may include guest posts, forumming, book plugging, whatever you like, it is your contributions that matter!